Does JoinFS support sharing cockpit on x-plane 11.35?

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Does JoinFS support sharing cockpit on x-plane 11.35?

Postby alexpan2002 » Fri Aug 23, 2019 1:58 am


I was trying to make share cockpit to work but I failed. I don't see any post in this forum about sharing cockpit on x-plane 11.35 which has the problem.

Both side are running XP11 and Windows 10 Chinese version. JoinFS version is 1.4.34.
Here is our steps:
1. Both PC A(pilot A) and PC B(pilot B) are running Windows 10 and XP 11. Both PCs installed plugin for XP11 from File->Settings by clicking 'Install Plugins... button', and found the plugin that were installed under plugins folder 'JoinFS\64\' and named 'win.xpl'. (Step 1 is done only once).
2. Restart XP11.
3. Run JoinFS and checked 'Global Session' box to join a session(We don't select a hub to join).
4. PC A opens View->users and select nickname of PC B then right click to select 'permissions...'. then only check 'Allow cockpit entry'' box
5. PC B opens View->Aircrafts and right click the nickname of PC A then select 'Enter cockpit'

PC B see nothing move when PC A moves yoke or switches. Maybe we have some plugins/softwares that makes JoinFS not work and we didn't find it yet. So I have two questions:

1. Does JoinFS work well about sharing cockpit on x-plane 11.35?
2. Do the steps I did above missing something?

Looking forward to get your reply.
Thanks you in advanced.

Alex Pan

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