XPlane 11 / FSX-SE Test

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XPlane 11 / FSX-SE Test

Postby canuck21a » Fri Apr 20, 2018 8:53 pm

Today I completed a test flight with another member of my flying club.
The purpose was to determine if the most recent version of JoinFS (1.4.12) allowed XPlane 11 and FSX to play together and if they liked each other or not.
The default Cessna 172 was used.
The XPlane plugin is dated 1/30/2018
I was using XPlane insde my LAN using my hub in a similar fashion as I do with FSX/P3D (which seems to work well)

I can say that they are talking to each other and seem to play together although the limited test did expose some differences.

1) When the FSX player connected the XPlane user saw the other aircraft with lights on and engine running even when they were not.
2) When the FSX user made changes to rudder/aileron the movement was seem by the XPlane user.
3) The FSX user saw the XPlane stopped with no lights (it was parked and shut down). When the lights were turned on the FSX user saw this as well as the other expected animations.
4) When the FSX user disconnected the JoinFS session the aircraft remained active in XPlane. Disconnecting the XPlane from the session made no change; that is, the plane was still there.

My immediate take:
1) The FSX user sees the XPlane user as if it were another FSX user.
2) The XPlane user seems to have limited corresponding animations and unlike FSX when the other user leaves the aircraft seems to stay in XPlane.

Do my observations seem consistent with the present state of the art?


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Re: XPlane 11 / FSX-SE Test

Postby DonJam68 » Sat May 12, 2018 3:19 am

I'm also having a problem with FSXSE and XPlane 11 not playing well together. The FSXSE user sees my airplane fine, but I do not see his airplane. Were both using C172 aircraft. In his aircraft list he see me as green and at the same distance that I have him, however in the aircraft list I see him as orange!! I would appreciate any help I could get from you or other members.

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Re: XPlane 11 / FSX-SE Test

Postby Peter » Wed May 16, 2018 7:11 am


have you followed all of the steps in the manual for X-Plane. For example, adding AI aircraft to the flight configuration etc. Have you checked the X-plane log file to see if the plugin is running correctly?


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Re: XPlane 11 / FSX-SE Test

Postby pdjbono » Wed Jun 20, 2018 8:42 pm

hello peter
have you resolving the problem with xplane11? i try with your istruction but other members see me but i no :(

is possibile to search a solution please?
the old version don't have this problem, the last 2 version are very bad!

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