Flight Simulator Show 2017

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Flight Simulator Show 2017

Postby mutley » Sun Oct 08, 2017 4:48 pm


Just a quick note to say what a pleasure it was to meet you at my stand at the show,I hope some of our feedback gave you food for thought.
For us, JoinFS is a game changer for the multiplayer community.
Please keep up the good work!

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Re: Flight Simulator Show 2017

Postby Peter » Sun Oct 08, 2017 5:12 pm

Thanks Joe. And likewise, good to see you there. I thought it was an excellent show. Loads of interesting things going on in flight simulation right now. A busy day.

On the subject of the issue that you raised, I wonder if it is related to this issue that was found recently, http://pmem.uk/joinfs/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=477&p=2675&hilit=minimize#p2673. When you mentioned it I knew it sounded familiar but couldn't quite recall it. Basically the option "Minimize to System Tray" option appears to be broken, and anyone using it can cause desync issues for the session. So I would avoid using it for now.

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