Missing Aircraft Symbol on JoinFS Map

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Missing Aircraft Symbol on JoinFS Map

Postby LarryJ » Tue Jan 29, 2019 6:47 pm

The JoinFS Map available at https://dotdash.space/map/ ordinarily will show your aircraft location as a small aircraft symbol icon. If you do not see a symbol located where your aircraft is, check if you have an Adblock running. Certain forms of commonly used Ad blockers will prevent JoinFS from showing your aircraft. To fix this, for example, In the Chrome browser, bring up an Incognito Window (Ctl+Shift+N) then cut and paste the JoinFS map url into chrome. The JoiinFS map url is https://dotdash.space/map/

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Re: Missing Aircraft Symbol on JoinFS Map

Postby ATC Roo » Tue Jan 29, 2019 9:27 pm

That's good to know, thanks Larry.

A little more information on the map...

The map will show pilots that are using the latest stable version of JoinFS.
When a new stable version is released I have to tinker slightly to keep up to date.
So although I'm usually on the ball, forgive me if sometimes you don't show for a while after an update.

The map does have adverts on it.
These are to try and offset the costs involved in hosting the map for all to see.
The 2 advert types you will see are the pictures at the bottom of the page and a popup when you first open the map page.
You can safely select Deny if you don't want to see the adverts in Windows.

For improved security the dotdash site is run through a service called Cloudflare, which does some trickery to make it more awkward for bad guys to do bad things.
It is also hosted as HTTPS which again adds more security for anybody viewing the map.

So although you may see adverts, this isn't a bad thing as it means the map is able to be hosted without me selling my house.

But I know they can be annoying , so I apologise.

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Re: Missing Aircraft Symbol on JoinFS Map

Postby LarryJ » Thu Jan 31, 2019 3:21 am

This evening response to "ATC Roo", I attempted to verify that one of my many ad blockers was causing the aircraft symbol not to appear. After temporarily disabling all the extensions in my Chrome browser, the aircraft symbol never appeared after Yandex finally loaded the correct map. The note in the upper right corner labeled "Aircraft Detected" has a spinning wait symbol and after several minutes, still shows spinning.

But I'm not seeing adverts either (which under the circumstances I'd gladly accept). So strike my original comment, it's apparently not an adbocker extension that is causing the aircraft symbol not to appear. If you suspect this, try browsing to the map site in Chrome's Incognito mode which I believe runs with the ad blockers disabled.

Anyway, I've white listed the JoinFS map site so I should see ads sometime soon and maybe my aircraft location symbol too.

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