Let's get a few people together...

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Let's get a few people together...

Postby ATC Roo » Wed Oct 24, 2018 10:38 pm

I've had requests for a couple of people to help them test the SIMCOM X app I've written.

So to try and help get a few people together I'm going to host an ATC Session this Saturday, in order to test both SIMCOM X and the ESJFS program I've written for Euroscope.

I'd appreciate as many people as possible joining in so I can test the stability of the 2 apps.
If ATC isn't your thing that's fine, nobody is perfect, but please feel free to listen in using the SIMCOM X app.
This way I can check the number of connections it handles.

The app can be used alongside your existing voice client if that's what you prefer.
Use your existing voice client as normal and also open SIMCOM X in order to listen in to what's going on there.

Else if you are perfect, feel free to contact me or any other controllers that are on the controller list using SIMCOM X.

The session will be late evening UTC.
I will send a quick email to all groups I have an email address for with an invite.
If your not sure I have your groups email address then pop me a pm on this JoinFS forum.

Both pilots and ATC welcome (hopefully more pilots than ATC).

More details to follow very shortly, which I'll post here.

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