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Postby ATC Roo » Sun Dec 11, 2016 9:35 pm

I've just sent an email to various groups.

If your group wasn't one of them then please see the email below.

Firstly this is the last email I will be sending people regarding this flight, so you can now add me to your spam folder if you wish


The 8th Cross Community Group Flight will be taking place this coming Saturday at 2000z.

You and your group are invited, but don't feel too special as everybody else is also invited.
If you manage a group please do remind your members as I know this has crept up on people slightly, especially with Christmas around the corner.

This event has had an extremely large amount of interest and I'm expecting at least 60 people on the day, some believing that 100 or more may likely attend.

For those who have not heard of these flights before it's a chance for different flight simulator communities to get together for a short time and discuss aspects of our hobby with people you may not have met before.

This event is Christmas related as the big man isn't too far away and so has a Christmas related theme with airports based in Lapland.
Christmas themed Callsigns are very very welcome during the ATC part of the event.

By now you should be ready to get going but in case you're not and have yet to try it all out, connection details for the test setup can be found on the event information page.

****Details for the day!*****

JoinFS IP =roo.servebeer.com (or

Teamspeak 3 IP = xmas.maldair.com

1. Please DO NOT tick the Auto Broadcast feature in the JoinFS client.
Ticking this may (or may not) duplicate aircraft in the session causing a mess.

2.In your simulator please set your Tail Number only.
Leave the Airline Callsign set to none and the flight number blank.
You can input a Callsign in to the Tail Number field such as BAW123 or a reg such as N1234.
ATC will only see the Tail Number on radar so if you set the Airline Callsign and Flight Number fields, ATC will not see this but will see a random Callsign and Flight Number.
The next ATC would see a different Callsign and Flight number resulting in you being called all kinds of things by ATC.

Besides having FUN they are the only two important things.

The latest Stable version of JoinFS will be used.
The stable version on the day is likely to be a different stable version to that available now, due to it being constantly updated.
But don't worry!
If you download the stable version now and it does get updated, the program will let you know that there is an update when you next open it.


Maldair.com have kindly offered us their Teamspeak server for the day (thanks Tim).
The address above is the one to use on the day and you can join it at anytime from 1900z onwards.
When you join the Teamspeak server you may want to add a fictional trigraph before your name to associate yourself with your group.
For Example: I'm a member of MSFlights so my name in TS would be [MSF] ATC Roo, or [RAF] ATC Roo if I'm a member of the RAF group, or [AVA] ATC Roo for American Virtual Aviators.
I made those 2 up but you get the picture I'm sure.
There will be a very very very short flight breifing before the group flight so that everybody is on the same page, please do join Teamspeak as early as you can.
The departure time for the flight is 20:15z but some slower aircraft may get airborne slightly before that time, this is to try and keep the group together as much as possible during the flight.

All that is left to say is...
Please setup and test before the day.
Please remind your group that the event is this coming Saturday (Sunday for you Aussies)
and if there are any questions not answered in this email or the event page please do drop me an email.

Speak to you on Saturday,


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Re: Upcoming Events

Postby ATC Roo » Mon Nov 13, 2017 11:17 pm

Well with Christmas now a few weeks away I thought I'd mention that I won't be able to organise this year's event due to being in high demand with Mrs Roo and work (mostly Mrs Roo).

So I'm hoping one of you fine groups out there could put something together.

I am hoping to attend one, I just won't have the time to assemble the troops this time.

Let me know, and please speak to as many groups as you can in order to make it a success.

PS Advertise the flight in as many flight related places as possible if you're up for the challenge. ;)

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Re: Upcoming Events

Postby ATC Roo » Sun Nov 19, 2017 10:06 am


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Re: Upcoming Events

Postby Peter » Sun Nov 19, 2017 1:28 pm

Perhaps it will be easier to arrange the event once there are some built-in comms in JoinFS. Even if it's just the text-based chat, it would be reasonably easy to arrange a time, a hub and a set of manned airports and that would basically be it. Or by using the Auto Join feature, then you just load up at the right airport and click Auto Join, tune your frequency and monitor the chat window.


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Re: Upcoming Events

Postby ATC Roo » Sun Nov 19, 2017 7:40 pm

True, comms would help.
I don't know if the comms app I've written would be of interest?
If it is your welcome to either include it on a button click to launch or try to implement it into JFS.
It can support text chat too with a few extra lines of code if that's of any help?

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