Idea: Kind of a JoinFS SDK

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Idea: Kind of a JoinFS SDK

Postby Tisor » Fri Nov 10, 2017 10:46 am

Hi Peter,

Yesterday while flying with my fellows I come into a idea that may be good for the future of JoinFS. Of course I don't know the insides of your software but is worth to share it here with you.

It's regarding custom events, custom variables and custom animations. There is a huge list of aircrafts available and it would be impossible for you to include every single custom thing on the software hardcoded. Also, this may give lag in some cases as more info should be transferred/queried and maybe it is not available on the current aircraft.

So I was thinking on a kind of SDK. Something like you go into a Window and you can import a TXT File containing variables for a specific aircraft (Let's say, VRS Superbug). Then, you can assign this file to aircrafts on your aircrafts list so when you are flying one of those, they will be broadcasted (or not if you choose so, something like "Auto Broadcast Custom Variables".

This maybe will give us the ability to have better interaction on shared cockpit when F/A-18F comes out, same for other custom aircrafts we are using. The custom animations will also help for AAR animations in some planes like the C130 Hercules, the one we use.

Is something like this viable on your current software architecture or I've just freaked out a little? :geek:

Best regards

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Re: Idea: Kind of a JoinFS SDK

Postby edakridge » Fri Nov 10, 2017 12:13 pm

Sounds kind of like a LUA for FSUIPC. An interesting idea. (If it is not too hard for Peter)

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