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Re: Shared Cockpit - Stable v1.1.15

Postby TexxasAl » Fri Apr 28, 2017 1:34 am

Dan and Peter,

My observation of the IAS anomaly confirms the reported results. The IAS fluctuates in the joining aircraft when the joiner is "flying" the aircraft. It is the only significant fluctuation noted thus far. Testing was FSX/ACC as the Joined aircraft, and P3D V2 as the Joiner aircraft.

Thanks for all your good work.

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Re: Shared Cockpit - Stable v1.1.15

Postby Peter » Fri Apr 28, 2017 11:28 am


thanks for the feedback. That's just the kind of thing that I'd like JoinFS to be useful for, i.e. in training situations. So I'll make those current issues a priority so that it's stable enough to be successfully used in that way.

You mentioned that after hand-over you both had control. But in version 1.1.15 this shouldn't be the case. When the non-controlling pilot changes something it should flick back to where it was within a second or two. Perhaps you were using 1.1.14?

It's an interesting point about how the shared controls are managed. Initially, I wanted to make non-flight controls dual control, where either pilot can interact. However, due to technical issues I decided to use a hand over method just for now to get things working with the intention of looking at dual control at a later date.

Good point about using yoke buttons to transfer control. There are other JoinFS features and functions that would be ideal if available in this way. I'm sure it's possible and something I will look into. There's the added complexity of being able to choose whom you pass control to, perhaps that should still be done through the interface unless I can think of a better solution.

Currently weather is only managed through the aircraft list. There are two methods. The weather column can be used to get continual updates from an aircraft. Alternatively you can do a once only update by selecting the aircraft and using the Copy Weather button below the list. There are some problems with it that I shan't go into here, but your point in relation to shared cockpit is important. I need to ensure that the same weather is applied to all pilots sharing that aircraft. It doesn't make any sense at all to have different weather conditions that in the end will only cause anomalies and problems. So I'll fix that to automatically use the same wind settings.


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Re: Shared Cockpit - Stable v1.1.15

Postby edakridge » Fri Apr 28, 2017 5:09 pm

Peter, we at the USNVA have been using shared cockpit for Check Rides,Training, and to a limited degree Shared cockpit aircraft. Improvements seem to be steady with each upgrade. On our wish list is what Alex has already posted about LVARS/AVARS and separation of Flaps/Gear/Autopilot into a separate group. It would really be nice to have a RIO in some of the two seat fighters, but for this to be feasible Radar and weapons functions would have to be shared between players.(I.E.: when an aircraft or target is locked in one cockpit, this information is displayed in other cockpit) I don't even know if this is possible or not. We also do a bit of "Vintage" ops and on long hauls in a "Heavy" it would be nice to have a crew. (I.E.: Pilot/Copilot/Flight Engineer/Navigator) As to controlling Control handoff via a HOTAS button or switch, is a LUA script for FSuipc an option? I have several aircraft that people have written LUA's for the non standard FS controls. I am by no means an expert in LUA's, but it may be an option. So Far our experience with the JoinFS multiplayer has been extremely favorable. I am looking forward to the next update.

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Re: Shared Cockpit - Stable v1.1.15

Postby skelsey » Fri Apr 28, 2017 7:37 pm

Hi Peter,

Thanks for getting back! We were definitely on 1.15 -- I certainly am, and the other pilot only downloaded his version a few moments before we connected, so I'm confident that he was also -- however, now you mention about the controls flicking back within a second or two, I think that actually this is what was happening. I'd put it down to interference from the other side, but it may be that it is working as designed!

I agree the question of who control is transferred to is an issue as far as using a yoke button to transfer control is concerned -- perhaps have a means of "nominating" a user in the UI so that the button toggles back and forth between you and them until a different user is selected? (I think that makes sense -- it does in my head!).

Regarding the shared controls -- apart from the limited circumstances I mentioned above, the other thing which we routinely do is simulate engine failures (in theory by pulling the throttle back, but we've found that actually in the native shared cockpit the PF's throttle tends to override, so the mixture is often a more reliable (and realistic!) way of achieving a surprise engine failure (it is a sim after all!)) so that would be quite useful. Also just to echo the other comments above, syncing the altimeter setting, DI and OBS (if the latter isn't already) would also be very useful so that the instructor can see what the student is doing with these particularly important controls!

Thanks for the info re: weather -- I will investigate further next time we test, but it looks as though the weather column is the way to go to ensure that the weather is continually synchronised.

Many thanks once again -- I look forward to seeing what you come up with next!



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Re: Shared Cockpit v1.2.2

Postby JackRiordan » Sun May 28, 2017 12:14 am


A friend and I completed a flight in the Carenado PC12 in the Northwest Arkansas area today.

1. We noticed an issue with the master battery switch, generator switches, and inverter switches not syncing properly.

2. When Copilot attempted to start the aircraft, it began an endless start loop where the condition lever would flop back and forth repeatedly. I took the controls and it seemed to immediately sort itself out, but there is definitely an issue with copilot starting.

3. Copilot noticed he didn't have any brakes when taxiing the aircraft, but he did have a parking brake.

4. GPS functions and autopilot functions were not transferred. When copilot set the destination in his GPS, pressed CDI on the GPS to make sure it was on GPS mode, and activated Autopilot and Approach Hold, the aircraft would turn and stay at heading 120, which was opposite the correct direction.

Overall the flight was a success and I was able to give him some basic training on the PC12. Peter, thank you again for your wonderful software, and I hope that more improvements can be made in the future.

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