P3D and JoinFS 1.0.2-TEST

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Re: P3D and JoinFS 1.0.2-TEST

Postby Deano1973 » Wed Oct 19, 2016 8:24 am

Peter wrote:Hi Dean,

Thanks for the update. It's great to hear that your club is enjoying using JoinFS and that it is serving its purpose well.

I'll be interested to hear how you get on with 1.0.3 because it has some attempted fixes for the occasional connection problems. There still may be issues though, so it's quite critical with the next few versions to really nail down the stability. As a consequence I'm going to leave some of the new features and things for a short while and make sure it's as reliable as possible.

There are also some important network optimizations that I need to make. Even though one group had 22 pilots and it went reasonably well, with some modifications I'm sure we can push that a lot further.

Best regards,

Just a quick update Peter: we did a test last night with v1.0.3 ( I know you've updated already but still thought it worth mentioning ). A pre-recorded flight was injected into the session for pilots to intercept. Everything worked fine but for a minor bug. During the flight an F-18E rolled inverted, and from that moment on it was all over the place. It maintained the correct course, but was revolving around its C of G - I suspect this is related to the vertical flight glitch already mentioned in other posts.

Otherwise, tremendous as always. We tested shared weather also, which worked splendidly. Some aircraft were using TacPack ( although not the server ). One aircraft shot another and reported a hit, and saw smoke: however, the smoke appeared as clouds of Cessna 172s... This suggests that somehow the information is getting across through TacPack but is not showing up correctly.

We're going to test v1.0.4 on Thursday night, using the server with TacPack switched on, and see what happens. After that, it's cross-platform testing before ( hopefully ) officially moving MODsim across to JoinFS as our permanent network. I'll report back on Friday again with any news from the next test.


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Re: P3D and JoinFS 1.0.2-TEST

Postby Peter » Wed Oct 19, 2016 8:40 am

Yes, the inverted aircraft problem is almost certainly the same one as the loop twist. Apparently this is still happening in 1.0.4, despite my one-line tweak to try to fix it. I'm going to have to get the sledge hammer out to crack this one.

Interesting about the TacPack observations. I wonder if some of the objects created by TacPack are getting sent across the network. I should be able to monitor simulator objects and make sure that those particular ones are sent. I really would like to get this integrated properly, especially as this is an area I would like to get into at some point, when I'm not coding :D


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