Multiplayer scripted WWI with Tacpack (via JoinFS)

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Multiplayer scripted WWI with Tacpack (via JoinFS)

Postby Chris_P » Mon Feb 20, 2017 10:00 am

JoinFS Multiplayer protocol, apart of the stability, cross platform connectivity and smooth
flying experience that has brought, as a "side effect", permits multiplayer sessions in scripted
missions or scenarios environment with functional Tacpack (or CS Weapons), for the first
time since Tacpack came out...

I have chosen WWI period for introducing to people the concept of "Multiplayer scripted
Mission flying with Tacpack via JoinFS
", for various reasons (freewares, iconic and simple
combat flying, etc - only payware needed is Tacpack or CS Weapons).

Direct DL Link -> ... UJyMWhVWWc

So, if you like the idea, grab a friend or two and give it a go (FSX & P3Dv3 missions included for
cross platform flying)... I believe you'll find this fun, interesting and challenging to fly... There
are 8 x mp slots available : 4 for RFC and 4 for Jasta pilots. Single flying is also available of course.

VIDEO ->[/video]

WWI Verdun 1916 addon, includes apart of the missions/scenarios, addon scenery also of RFC
& Jasta Airfields, Towns of Verdun, Azannes, Ornes and Fort Douamont landmark.

I'll dare to say that this is a kind of limited "WWI Combat Sim" scripted and based on FSX/P3D
platforms, though it doesn't claim historical accuracy (SE5 and DR1 came in battlefield in 1917).

Operational Scenario as follows :

Allies initiate an offensive to recapture Azannes town from Axis forces. Allied ground
units from Ornes town, are heading towards Azannes and will reach there at about half an hour.
Royal Flying Corps duty is to provide Close Air Support, by destroying the Axis defending ground forces.
At the same time, Fokkers (AIs) will be flying at the area of operations and a Flak AA is protecting
Axis forces. Recapture of Azannes is up to you RFC pilots !
(Missions GMT 09:30 , for additional CCP placed units if desired).

Scripted features include :

1. Fokker and Spad AIs that dynamicall engage and damage user/s.
2. Allied Ground Convoy advancing to capture Azannes
3. Static Axis Defending Ground Forces at Azannes, that will destroy the advancing friendly forces,
if not destroyed by RFC user/s
4. AI Fokkers & Spads stop chasing user when he evades enough miles towards Allied or Axis Airfield
5. Remaining AI Fokkers and Spads re-engage, if user flies subsequent sorties after landing.
6. Re-Arming allowed only at Base. If user hits "W" while Airborne, he's teleported back to RFC or J
asta's Airfield
7. Static Flak AI, protecting Axis ground forces that can damage RFC user/s
8. Repair - Refuel - Rearm ability, after landing back to base, for subsequent sorties

Multiplayer JoinFS Tacpack Side Note :

Currently, Tacpack damage from user to user is not transmitted by JoinFS.
So currently, Tacpack Multiplayer Ops with JoinFS are restricted to Co-operative flying of Humans vs AIs.

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