Multiplayer in Mission System and Tacpack via JoinFS ?...

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Re: Multiplayer in Mission System and Tacpack via JoinFS ?...

Postby Chris_P » Mon Feb 13, 2017 5:07 am

Will be looking to get the damage propagated properly soon. That should be significant.

For people like us, that choose to fly in FSX/P3D for military operations with Tacpack, yes it will be... :)
Succeeding in this, will bring us the potential and ability of having two player teams, each with his own
AIs, fighting against each other in scripted missions environment... Quite like what DCS does...

In video above, we were 2 humans against 4 AIs. Imagine this "furball" with two opposing teams, consisted
of humans & AIs, fighting against each other... Great times for FS !...

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Re: Multiplayer in Mission System and Tacpack via JoinFS ?...

Postby Wood » Tue Feb 14, 2017 3:55 am

Great work guys


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Re: Multiplayer in Mission System via JoinFS ?...

Postby felipius » Sat Feb 10, 2018 9:56 am

Chris_P wrote:
The "trick" is, flying via JoinFS in Single Player Mission System that slew is available,
thus so the Tacpack also. Each client in session flies in his own Single Mission, while
connected in network with other clients with JoinFS. So, mission events are triggered
localy for each player on his end, while everybody can see the same action transferred
by JoinFS and Tacpack...

At this point of JoinFS's development, there are two issues though :

1. User can't damage any other user with Tacpack, cause damage isn't transferred by
Tacpack currently.

2. Users can't damage FSX@War theater stractures.

So currently, MP flying with Tacpack & JoinFS is restricted to co-operative missions
of humans vs AIs (planes, vehicles, boats). Not bad at all !... and let's see what the future will bring...

Well, good job guys but, there is a couple of things I do not understand.

1) The beneffist of use Single player mission system is that tackpack events( tacan, ils,...) works, right?. But what about fuel transferrig?. I mean, will a tanker created by one of the clients transfer fuel to the others clients? This is not currently operative in single player using joinfs. And this takes me to the second question;
2) How do you sincronize the triggers of the single mission in every client? Just broadcasting objest through joinfs?

These two question comes because in the last two weeks I have been looking into a way to refuell from a KC-135 in multiplayer using joinfs, with no good results. Due to lag in internet conexión( a dancing kc135 is not a good partner to do the job... :roll: ) or lack of tacpack functions through joinfs, it was impossible for me to find a solution. The way explained here could be a possible one.
Does anybody have this issue too?


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