Some Newbie Questions creating a session

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Some Newbie Questions creating a session

Postby Alfhak12 » Tue Jan 07, 2020 9:56 am


I am new to use JoinFS but a long time user for multiplayer session with VATSIM and FSHost! it was easy to install and also to set up things. I can connect to other hubs etc. I have read the manual and try to figure out how to set up a session and also how my friends can join. Not sure about that.

When my FSX running and I have Started Join FS and have the JoinFS window up I follow the manual that say to create a session you should click on " Create". I do that but the window don't change to "My IP" etc. I also checked the forum and it mention that the IP address is not visual in the field for " Me" then you start JoinFS, It says it is encrypted so now I understand what that number is. Did not know that from the manual.

According to one of the post from the forum here. If my friend want to connect they should use that number that is encrypted.
My question is: Where do they put in that encrypted numbers to join my session that I created?

It looks like I can create a HUB under settings but can't set up password for that. That field is greyd out!

That was some questions from me! How to set up a session and how do my friends to connect!



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