Shared Cockpit (Copilot)

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Shared Cockpit (Copilot)

Postby JammerJames » Wed Jun 19, 2019 2:57 am

My friend and I are having issues with getting the copilot feature working with X-Plane 11. We are running the latest version of both applications. We are able to join each other's sessions just fine but we see each other's planes running when they are off for us personally. Next, we give one of us all the permissions to control the aircraft and the person who entered the copilot seat does not hear or see any changes. I could be trying to start the plane and he would not hear the engines try and turn on. Another issue we have is when we have someone enter the cockpit as a copilot, the plane stops responding to inputs. An example would be the parking break would not release or the engine key would not rotate so we can turn the plane on/off. I am going to try different builds of JoinFS to see if that fixes any of our issues. Does anyone have a similar issue or know how to fix this?

UPDATE: My friend and I found out the navigation and autopilot was the only function that worked. The gears and flaps do not work and handing over flight controls breaks the game.

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