Reasons for "Removed User"

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Reasons for "Removed User"

Postby picnic » Wed May 15, 2019 7:26 pm

So I've been playing tonight with 2 computers on my LAN. At the moment neither have any flight sim software but both have joinFS 1.4.34 installed.

One is intended to be a server, it's actually been doing this for a number of months, the other I've been using just to test things out connection wise. When I connect from the 2nd computer to the "server" in the server's Monitor Window I see an Added User message, but 30 seconds later I then get a Removed User message. So why is it disconnecting? The 2nd computer continues to show a green Network button after this disconnect.

I've tried connecting using the LAN address and my WAN address, both exhibit the same issue.

I've seen this before with another group I fly with where we often get 15+ fliers. Quite often one or more are invisible and when looking at the Monitor Window I can see players have been Removed but never with any explanation. I've tried ticking Detailed and that's no more informative.

Any ideas what going on?

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