Native Linux X

Any questions regarding JoinFS.
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Native Linux X

Post by markay »

I am in the minority of users who run X-plane under Linux. I am looking at use JoinFS with my X-plane and can see from the forums that the server will/should work under wine. Can I ask if anyone has got the win.xpl working with wine (i'm not even sure its possible using wine). Is there any plan to release one or does anyone have a lin.xpl file that I can use for running a Linux X-plane JoinFS connection.

I also understand from a previous post that development for JoinFS is stopping due to the time it takes maintain and develop. Can I ask if any thought has been given to gifting it (source code) to the community so that it can continue as a free/open source project.

Many thanks
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Re: Native Linux X

Post by ATC Roo »

I'm curious Markay.

Have you tried any apps using XPUIPC and Xplane under linux?

I wonder if XPUIPC could be used if development starts again?
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