Enter Cockpit Function Not Working

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Enter Cockpit Function Not Working

Postby RMM » Wed Sep 26, 2018 11:29 am

Hello Peter...
I am new to JoinFS. After careful reading of the manual and several posts on the Forum, I understand how to establish my own Hub. I was able to assist a friend in another location to also set up his Hub. We were PGUM and PGUM2, respectively.

The network function and simulator function was working just as expected. We could see each other as USERS and our respective AIRCRAFT were properly listed.

Following the instructions, we tried both directions to enter the cockpit of the other pilot's aircraft. First the OWNER gives permission to the other USER. Then from the Aircraft List the other pilot selects the correct aircraft and presses "Enter Cockpit". The "Permission" code "C" was visible.

Nothing happens in either simulator. Both of us have GREEN Simulator and Network status. We are missing some crucial step.
I don't really know what to expect next. But my expectation is that the incoming guest pilot would see his instance of P3D change aircraft and location to match my cockpit. Instead....Nothing.

On my aircraft list, both aircraft show with correct heading and speed. On the incoming guest pilot Aircraft List, only his aircraft shows and the heading is incorrect.

Please advise.

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