Can't find HUB

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Re: Can't find HUB

Postby Geronimo » Sat Jul 28, 2018 9:40 am

Hi Jürgen

Just forget the password. As far as I know, Peter inserted it into the settings for future use; it never had any functionality.

You wrote that you have given your buddy your ip; I assume you have given him the three numbers in your 'Me' window. As Spokes2112 said this is your ip and the port number you use somewhat camuflaged by JoinFS. This ip is not your internal ip but the external one; the one assinged to you by your internet service provider (ISP). Unless you pay for having a fixed external ip, this ip must not but can change because it is dynamically assinged by your ISP.

Either pass your 'Me' numbers always to your buddy or at least check it is still the same!

And a last remark: Dont wast the time to get a fixed external ip. It costs money and as a private person you are very unlikely to get one since the ip's v4 are quickly running out!

Have a good weekend

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Re: Can't find HUB

Postby Juergen2 » Sat Jul 28, 2018 10:50 am

Hi Geronimo,
First of all thanks for all the valuable information.
I gave my bud the camouflaged number (XXXXX XXXXX) in the Me row and that worked immediately.
I also didn't know that the external IP's, supplied by the ISP can change - and no, I will not apply for a static external IP - also no password sessions.
The blue side is certainly back UP!
Thanks All
Juergen Mader

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Re: Can't find HUB

Postby RMM » Sat Sep 22, 2018 1:36 am

Hope it is not too late to chime in on this thread. I have the same problem.
My friend and I have both been able to create HUBS. But I cannot join his session and he cannot join my session.

Question 1: Why could my friend not see my active Hub? He entered my IP numbers and hit join. Nothing happened. I did the same with his IP numbers. Nothing happened. Please advise.

Question 2: What are the correct colors for the Simulator and Network buttons? Mine are both GREEN. He cannot get his Green. What is the status needed for Sharing Cockpit meaning... Do both Simulator and Network have to be Green on both machines? How does one change that status and what conditions are needed for the correct status to do Shared Cockpit.

RMM - Guam

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