Multiple users in ONE aircraft

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Multiple users in ONE aircraft

Postby RotorRick » Sun May 17, 2020 2:15 pm

First off, Peter for us to fly in our individual aircraft JoinFS works a treat! Many thanks!!!

I know that this is supported, but we haven't managed to get it working properly.

All we'd like to do is

1) Have USER A as Pilot in the aircraft they are sharing and USER B switch in as observer.

2) Have USER B Take over controls.

3) Be able to Switch Back

4) Switch USER B Back to their Aircraft

5) Switch USER A into USER B's Aircraft and repeat above.

What has been happening is when users switch between aircraft an new iteration of the aircraft is created OVER the existing one. And sometimes the LAT/LON/Dist is changed to crazy numbers, like out in SPACE!

We are using the Dreamfoil 206 in X-plane 11.5b9 (tried in b6 and well) with the latest .33 of the plugin.

It is perhaps we are using the system incorrectly. Would someone please give us some basic steps to test (if this isn't a bug) i.e. What permissions, what order to do the steps, etc.


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