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join locally

Post by B747 »

good evening,

we have 2 computers at home with all 2 p3d v4 and the same version of joinfs. now we also want to connect with our friends.
now we get the same (secret) ip address?.
nor can we see each other.

how can we solve this?

Kind regards.
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Re: join locally

Post by Peter »

You can specify the internal LAN address. For example, Or if you have enabled a different port,

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Re: join locally

Post by picnic »

Works OK for me although I may have over complicated things. I have an instance of a server running and had 2 clients all running at the same time. Each uses a different local port (see joinFS settings) The server needs a Port Forwarding rule on the router so others external to me can find it but I've also setup Port Forwarding rules for the 2 clients.
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