SimObjects folder Doesn't exist

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SimObjects folder Doesn't exist

Postby Sebachakal » Mon Sep 10, 2018 12:00 am

Good afternoon, a few months ago I started to use Join Fs as it is an excellent tool for those of us who usually make flights in closed formation and provides a stable connection and without lag.

Approximately ago I had a problem with the registration of my FSX which led me to have to uninstall the simulator and all addons and programs.

After uninstalling everything, I did a registry cleaning with C Cleaner to make sure there was nothing left inside windows.

Reinstall the simulator, some addons and then install Join Fs v1.1.13

The installation of Join Fs was done normally but at the moment of executing it it throws me a warning that says so:
The folder
B:/Programs files (x86)/Microsoft Games/FlighSimulator/SimObjects Doesn't exist

Therefore you are not recognizing the folder where the models of my simulator are hosted.

On the other hand it tells me that an aircraft (which generated conflict before the uninstallation of Join Fs) can not be shown.

That makes me think that there is some previous record of Join Fs on my computer.
The operating system I use is windows 7

How can I fix this?

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