Shared Cockpit - Again Again

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Shared Cockpit - Again Again

Postby DogeH44 » Sun Jul 29, 2018 11:50 am

Hello there,

Having the same issue as the below
Hi Peter,

One other thing which we've noticed cropping up more frequently in .13 are brake synchronisation issues where we are often seeing one or the other party's brakes either becoming jammed on or unusable (particularly with button control brakes rather than brake axes).

I think it is more an issue when latency between the two parties is higher than average but if there's anything you can do to make the brake synchronisation more 'robust' it would be very much appreciated!

Also -- when sharing P3Dv4 --> other versions of P3D or FSX we are seeing some odd behaviour when the aircraft is banked -- the P3D user is seeing initially a shallower bank angle (about 20 degrees vs 30 degrees for instance) and if the P3D user attempts a steep turn the FSX user sees some very odd behaviour with their aircraft continuing to roll inverted.

Things just dont seem to replicate for either of us on shared cockpit PMDG737, Both have full control 1 can see all flight controls but nothing else, Roles then revered and nothing can be seen happing for other person,

Please look into this it would be amazing if it worked

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