Shared Cockpit - Again

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Shared Cockpit - Again

Postby Dan-TXHills » Thu Apr 19, 2018 10:44 pm

Saw the Topic from earlier - origin date Apr. 3

Got into a stock FSX Cessna 172 - without full control (I had control of everything other than primary flight controls) the host pilot could not see anything change in his aircraft (flaps, radio frequencies, etc.). When I had full control he could see all things move / change as advertised.

We did not test if what he did could be seen by me but I when I was in the 737-800 (see my other Forum post from today) I did see flaps and gear move (was observer status only - no control in any category handed over to me).

Seems there is a glitch in the shared cockpit function.


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Re: Shared Cockpit - Again

Postby ElioSaade » Sat Apr 21, 2018 6:13 am

I posted about the same bug from about 2 week and a half. I also posted on the topic a summary of the whole problem if you want to check it and tell me if you have the same problems. And still no news from Peter.

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Re: Shared Cockpit - HELP

Postby tgycgijoes » Fri Jul 06, 2018 6:36 pm

First Peter, I would like to thank you very sincerely for taking the time to create this fantastic cross-platform program and FREE no less. I have flown it quite a number of times with the 91st Bomb Group which I don't fly with now having gone back to my Navy roots. Great bunch of guys!!!

Here is the issue. Today is the first time I have flown in JoinFS attempting to share cockpit with a fellow pilot. We both started up our sims: mine FSX/A Box and his P3D-V4. We have flown a lot before but in two different aircraft. I remember reading on how to do this but did not remember so I found the manual and printed out the instructions. They appeared to work perfectly. We were in the cockpit together. I flipped over into the right seat and we prepared to takeoff. I did the checklist and he checked that all was well. We took off, rotated, he raised the landing gear and we climbed to altitude and then leveled off at 7000 AGL. He did not remember how to set AP so I said "hit the O-key" and give me control of it. First when we set this up I was pilot B and understood I was supposed to have primary control but instead A had primary control. Even switching with F E O I never had control of anything. I could move a yoke and it moved but did not turn the aircraft. Control surfaces moved for about a second or two and then went back. He had all the control the B pilot. It was a lot of fun sitting in the right seat as a passenger for the first time BUT that is not what we had in mind. OK. Maybe its the KBT P3C Orion that's not setup for sharing the cockpit.

Restart both sims and try this with the default Beech Baron 58. Same thing. My grand daughter is going to love flying in the airplane with grandpa I know but I want a copilot, a live one, not my Multicrew Experience one please. Am I doing something wrong? It sure seemed simple. In the past I was able to share a cockpit with two computers both flying FSX with the MS Multiplayer and shift control between pilot and copilot but it was sometimes glitchy I remember but it did work when it worked.

I really want this to work so please tell me you know this is happening and know a way to fix it in the next update.

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Re: Shared Cockpit - Again

Postby Peter » Sat Jul 07, 2018 10:48 am


there's currently no support for key controls in JoinFS, it's all mouse interface at the moment. The F E O letters don't refer to keys, but are just indicators in the User list to show which controls are transferred over. To transfer controls you need to click on the user in the user list and click on the Permission button. In the new window that comes up you can choose which group of controls to hand over.


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Re: Shared Cockpit - Again

Postby tgycgijoes » Fri Jul 13, 2018 10:28 pm

Thank you for taking the time to reply so quickly. Flew today with my friend in the KBT P-3C Orion and were able to have a fairly good flight sharing the cockpit around the state of Wahsington we both know in real life and the real aircraft as well. Looking forward to even better JoinFS to come.

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Re: Shared Cockpit - Again

Postby skelsey » Sun Jul 15, 2018 11:41 am

Hi Peter,

One other thing which we've noticed cropping up more frequently in .13 are brake synchronisation issues where we are often seeing one or the other party's brakes either becoming jammed on or unusable (particularly with button control brakes rather than brake axes).

I think it is more an issue when latency between the two parties is higher than average but if there's anything you can do to make the brake synchronisation more 'robust' it would be very much appreciated!

Also -- when sharing P3Dv4 --> other versions of P3D or FSX we are seeing some odd behaviour when the aircraft is banked -- the P3D user is seeing initially a shallower bank angle (about 20 degrees vs 30 degrees for instance) and if the P3D user attempts a steep turn the FSX user sees some very odd behaviour with their aircraft continuing to roll inverted (!).

Thanks as ever,


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