Shared cockpit issues?

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Shared cockpit issues?

Postby RotorRick » Fri Oct 16, 2020 1:50 pm

We been testing you plugin in x-plane for shared cockpit use. And have been using it for multiplayer group flight with much success.

The manual(s) aren't very clear on the correct usage for shared cockpit. Sometimes there is no control by the Pilot B, sometimes No control for Pilot A.

What is the proper method to hand over the controls?

When sharing cockpits often we are spawed on top of another aircraft, if it doesn't through us WAY up into the stratosphere, the shared aircraft will not be running, though will fly and normal. Also, for example the default LF 172 does not sync any instruments except the DG and that updates to infrequently to be of use. Switches and controls art update fine

Any ideas??


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