Roos ATC Session

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Roos ATC Session

Postby ATC Roo » Mon Apr 23, 2018 4:24 pm

It must be a blue moon this coming Saturday as I have time to myself?

As I've been throwing around the Euroscope and SIMCOM X tools in order to help ATC within JoinFS, I thought I might give ATC a go myself and see how well they're working.

There are two parts to this event, the first being a hoplist in the states with ATC provided throughout the route.
The second being EGNR opening in the UK, trying to be as realistic as possible (controller skill dependent :? and still having fun ;) ).

Session Time = 1800z

Hop List = Logan Intl (KBOS) => Kennedy Intl (KJFK) => Philadelphia (KPHL) => Ronald Regan Washington Natl (KDCA)

Airport Details if needed are at the bottom of this post.

After the Hop Event....

EGNR = from around 2100z until the early hours (Traffic Dependent).

The HUB and Comms remain the same for both parts of the event.

JoinFS Hub Address = 09868 40522

Comms =
SIMCOM X if you want to give it a whirl.
Elite PremAirs Teamspeak server (as it may be that not all controllers will be using SIMCOM X, check the list of controllers).

I will be using both throughout, as the idea for SIMCOM X is to run alongside a groups existing voice server.

Everybody and their dog is invited to join in.
All pilots and flight types (IFR, VFR, FORMATIONS, CIVIL, MILITARY etc) are more than welcome.
Other controllers would also be great.

The type of ATC you receive will depend on how comfortable you are with ATC.
For Example:
If you've never flown with ATC before, this is the perfect time to ask me what the instruction I've given you means.

On the other end of the spectrum, if you know everything there is to know about flying (and the controller is able) you might want to try procedural approaches or SRAs.
I will be doing my best to provide as realistic RT as possible.

I hope a few are able to join in, if there are any questions let me know.

Airport Details for the First part of the Event.
1. Logan Intl (KBOS)

Elevation:19 FT

Runway Length Surface ILS ID ILS Freq ILS Hdg
15R 10078 Asphalt IMDC 110.700 150
33L 10078 Asphalt ILIP 110.700 331
4R 10006 Asphalt IBOS 110.300 036
22L 10006 Asphalt ILQN 110.300 216
4L 7861 Asphalt
22R 7861 Asphalt
9 6990 Asphalt
27 6990 Asphalt IDGU 111.300 272
15L 2555 Asphalt
33R 2555 Asphalt

2. Kennedy Intl (KJFK)

Elevation: 13 FT

Runway Length Surface ILS ID ILS Freq ILS Hdg
13R 14564 Asphalt
31L 14564 Asphalt IMOH 111.350 315
4L 11353 Asphalt IHIQ 110.900 045
22R 11353 Asphalt IJOC 109.500 222
13L 9992 Asphalt ITLK 111.500 135
31R 9992 Asphalt IRTH 111.500 315
4R 8401 Asphalt IJFK 109.500 045
22L 8401 Asphalt IIWY 110.900 225.

3.Philadelphia (KPHL)

Elevation:36 FT

Runway Length Surface ILS ID ILS Freq ILS Hdg
8 4994 Asphalt
26 4994 Asphalt ILLH 111.550 263
9R 10493 Asphalt IPHL 109.300 085
27L 10493 Asphalt IGLC 109.300 265
9L 9487 Asphalt IVII 108.950 085
27R 9487 Asphalt IPDP 108.950 265
17 5462 Asphalt IMYY 108.750 169
35 5462 Asphalt

4.Ronald Regan Washington Natl (KDCA)

Elevation:15 FT

Runway Length Surface ILS ID ILS Freq ILS Hdg
1 6875 Asphalt IDCA 109.900 006
19 6875 Asphalt IVWH 108.500 146
4 4914 Asphalt
22 4914 Asphalt
15 5190 Asphalt
33 5190 Asphalt
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Re: Roos ATC Session

Postby ATC Roo » Thu Apr 26, 2018 9:16 am

A friendly reminder that I will definitely be available on Saturday from 1900z onwards.

If ATC scares you slightly, there is nothing to stop you listening in to see what is going on.

I'm just looking to drum up some traffic and if there is enough, other controllers for handovers.

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Re: Roos ATC Session

Postby ATC Roo » Thu Apr 26, 2018 9:15 pm

Ok then....
Very late organisation, but I'm a bloke and it's what we do.
I noticed Elite Premair had an ATC event at the same time as this.
So asked them if they wanted to merge the 2 events some how.
Being the Gentlemen and Ladies that they are, between us we have put something together.

Elite Premair Virtual have a hop event starting Saturday at 1800z in the US around Boston with ATC.
I will be apart of that event controlling.
I will have SIMCOM X open but the other controllers may not.
​​​​​​​A list of Active ATC is shown in SIMCOM X.

The Teamspeak Server for those not using SIMCOM X is the Elite PremAir server.

Afterwards around 2100z I'll be opening EGNR in the UK.
Using the Same Teamspeak Server and SIMCOM X.

Pilots whining there's never ATC but VATSIM and IVAO, here's your chance.

Similarly Atcos looking for traffic........

It's nice when groups can join in together, hopefully a few can join us. :)

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Re: Roos ATC Session

Postby ATC Roo » Sat Apr 28, 2018 7:32 pm

If anybody is reading this last minute, I'm online now until the early hours.

Connection details are above.
Details above.

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Re: Roos ATC Session

Postby DCA1161 » Sun Apr 29, 2018 5:05 am

I’m unable to fly at Saterdays at that time, but I am interested to know how it went. Can someone drop in one or two lines by way of report?

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Re: Roos ATC Session

Postby ATC Roo » Sun Apr 29, 2018 10:51 am

Firstly I'd like to say thank you to ElitePremair (especially Matt and Dan), who let me tag on to the end of their event and use their Teamspeak server and JoinFS hub.

The last part of the event wasn't the busiest of sessions. :D
Due to my late organisation and the fact Saturdays (and Sundays) are when most groups organise their events.

When I organise the Christmas Events, I spend around a month joining each groups Teamspeak servers and sending emails to make each group aware.

I wasn't able to test SIMCOM X as everybody was using Teamspeak, although I did have it open and it was working fine running alongside.
I would imagine a download puts people off when they already have a working voice server.


The Euroscope proxy worked a treat.
I found a few things that it should be doing and wasn't.
Using data from FSX or the JoinFS whazzup showed Aircraft positions were spot on, so much so that I was able to conduct a number of SRAs with one pilot.
He changed his weather to thick fog and despite never flying an SRA before, he was able to get his Embraer on the runway each time.

I will be on again tonight.
There is no event planned by me, but I'll see if I can find a group that don't mind me joining in.
I will have SIMCOM X open throughout, if anybody wants to say hello.

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