JoinFS: About

JoinFS is a cross-platform multiplayer client for flight simulators.

Main Features

Small And Efficient Client

JoinFS is designed to be a thin utility that works between the simulator and the network.

JoinFS Client

Low-Latency Peer To Peer Topology With Dynamic Rerouting

JoinFS can monitor and detect any connectivity problems and will automatically reroute network data in order to maintain the integrity of the session and consequently bypasses issues with NAT home routers.

JoinFS Peer To Peer Network

Decentralized Public Server Network

In hub mode the client also acts as a public meeting place where the server details are propagated automatically across the network and appear in the public hub list. There is no central server involved.

JoinFS Hub Network

Extra Features

On The Horizon

Record, Play and Overdub

JoinFS includes its own flight recorder. This enables you to record your aircraft along with other pilots in the JoinFS network. When you play back a recording the aircraft are also broadcast over the network so that all pilots can see your recording. This allows you to pre-record a lead aircraft which everyone in the session can then formate on. The overdub feature enables you to overlay new flights onto the recording which means you can iteratively build your own unlimited formation.

System Requirements

Any suggestions or queries about JoinFS then please use the support forum

Special thanks to CIX VFR Club for teaching me how to fly with confidence, and to the Tiger Moth, Chippies and Warbird teams for initial testing.

Clubs and virtual airlines flying with JoinFS

CIX VFR Club Elite PremAir Virtual US Central Airlines
USNVA FS Air Show Association Bradford Flight Crew

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JoinFS software written by Peter Memmott. Copyright 2017 Peter Memmott.